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Big Data Analytics: Path Forward to Cybersecurity

The concept of big data analytics has been around the years. Many people view “Big data analytics” as an over-hyped buzzword. But in the real sense, big data analytics is the method that examines large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences, and other valuable business information. Organizations take magnanimous … Continue reading Big Data Analytics: Path Forward to Cybersecurity

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Importance of Secure Coding in Making “Digital India” Successful

Introduction Sharp rise of internet and its usage have commenced a massive digital proliferation across the world. The influx of digital connectivity through smartphones and IoT enabled devices has carved a new, entirely different “business model” to emerge that is environmentally impactful, socially effective, and economically beneficial. Nowadays, people’s personal identifiable information is drifting into … Continue reading Importance of Secure Coding in Making “Digital India” Successful

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IoT and Information Security

“The future in now” a common phrase used by the technology spearheads has now become a thing to believe in. A technology which has been in the womb for almost a decade has now started to evolve and get into a prime shape. “Internet of things” a technology which has the potential to reshape the … Continue reading IoT and Information Security

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Running Security Projects Simplified

One of the biggest challenges in the Information Security field for any professional is to run & manage projects. In most of the organizations, despite the top management buy-in, it is still very difficult to align other functions with the information security ideology which makes it difficult for the information security working groups to keep … Continue reading Running Security Projects Simplified

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