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With the advent of cyber technology, the world has witnessed a paradigm shift from analogue to digital format, automation of work, proliferation of digital content to global users, and the overwhelming benefits of digitization in strategic decision making. Nonetheless, the quick, easy, and ubiquitous access to information brings repercussion, concern, and untowardness to individuals, corporation, government, and other public and private sectors. There are numerous cyber cases including cyberwar, cybercrime, theft, and fraud cropping up worldwide that showcase Cyber Security breaches, which has caused immense loss of data, money, and government secrets. The utmost need to avert Cyber Security mishaps has surged organizations to seek Cyber Security awareness programs that can help induce methods and strategies to mitigate contemporary Cyber Security threats. The most common element observed in Cyber Security related crimes is human beings. Hence it is imperative that the human capital be provided proper awareness on Cyber Security in order to protect information essential for business operations and continuity. These awareness initiatives prepare the organizations’ Cyber Security team to take proactive measures to pre-empt, prevent, and control Cyber Security incidents. Ignorance and heedlessness towards Cyber Security can adversely impact economy, critical infrastructure, and information.

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