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Faculties with low or no industrial experience have driven institutions pondering on devising of plans to produce individuals with specialized skill set. SkillCube endeavours to ameliorate the teaching standard via modern methodology equipped with industrial knowhow by opening up Faculty Development Programme (FDP). This programme has been designed to train and develop the faculties with pertinent skills to teach the new-fangled cyber-security subject, thereby functioning as a resource in guiding and motivating students and research scholars alike. The FDP is associated with cutting edge features that makes it even more gratifying. The USP of this programme is not only to train faculties to adopt differentiated skill set but also to advocate academia to usher in Cyber Security courses.

Our Methodology

Fundamental Benefits

Trained and Assisted

Faculties receive industrial knowledge encompassing Cyber Security sphere thorough methodical coaching and facilitation. The knowhow empowers the faculties to educate students in this discipline.

Qualified and Orientated

Academia owns certified and specialized faculties befit to teach industrial knowledge in academic world. This boosts and burgeons education sector in making Cyber Security skilled human talent pool.

Aligning and Understanding

Faculties are aligned and motivated to focus on giving real-life and industrial examples while teaching. This helps students to grasp security concepts and understand the dynamic nature of the Industry.

Flexible and Complimentary

FDP is highly flexible in terms of custom-built pedagogy and Cyber Security Industry’s requirements to further universities. The programme do not obligate extra compensation for complimentary solutions.

Value-Rich and Cost-Effective

Faculties are trained by expert industry professionals who have vast industrial exposure. They present the pedagogies & workshops in the campus, thereby making it value rich, convenient & cost effective

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