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Project is to organization is analogous to food is to life. A project is any piece of work that is done in order to meet specific objectives, bring beneficial change, or add value. The business unit which embarks on a new project should plan, perform, direct, and finish the task within deadline. If the undertaking of the project is initiated without planning, then its execution is deemed as a failure. Even after immense progress in the area of technology, more than 50% of the of projects fail. This statistic may vary across industries based upon who and how the research is being carried out; however, the failure magnitude is too high. Now the question arises: Why does it happen? Organizations have invested time, effort, and money to train employees after which they passed the Project Management certification course. The Project Management framework is implemented yet organisations run out of budget, finish too late, ill-manage the risks, or do not get the final outcome as desired. Therefore, Project Management best practices must be realized not only in theory but also in action to achieve cent per cent project success.

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