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Saurabh Bansal

IT Director, HP Enterprises

Participants, enrolled in the training programme conducted by SkillCube, feel that the overall SLA & OLA shall improve as they have a deeper insight on the linkage between IT & Business.

Karun Minocha

Deputy Manager, HCL

The programmes that are hosted by SkillCube are very interactive and industry-linked, which makes them very beneficial to attend.

Amit Karir

Lead Privacy, Microsoft India

The internship programmes across various domains put together by SkillCube are a fantastic opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals and experience their application in an actual industry environment.

Chad Neale

Director – Information Risk Security & Privacy, PwC

The workshop reinforces the importance of having business involved with the design of security strategy so the appropriate controls can be designed. It also showed why testing your plan is also important

Lucius Lobo

VP & Global Head Security Services, Tech Mahindra Limited

There is great demand of Information Security professionals in the country and this effort by SkillCube to not only impart training in wide array of Information Security topics but also giving the students an opportunity to apply the concepts learnt during training through a live project will go a long way in meeting this ever growing demand of skilled Information Security professionals. I congratulate SkillCube for creating this wonderful learning platform and encourage students to make full use of this unique opportunity.

Pradeep K. Yadav

Former CIO & CISO ZTE India

I am very confident that SkillCube will continue to impart their best knowledge base on diverse sectors and domains to the trainees who in turn will be instrumental in enhancing the Indian industry with the acquired skills and knowledge. All the best from my side for this great initiative. Keep the good work on!

Anil Bahl

Practice Head-ITSM, TechMahindra Ltd

Excellent and relevant Simulations for any organization to enhance their capabilities to another level.

Sawan Chaumal

Manager, PwC

I learnt about: Planning importance,Clarity of goals, process/procedure to achieve it, roles and responsibilities helps in meeting the objective, Communication between involved parties

Anubhuti Mishra

Senior Analyst, PwC

I learnt that proper planning and policies should be made before getting into proces. Team work, collaboration and involvement should be there. I learnt that we should work together as a team in order to complete project on time, in budget and proper security measures

Aparna G

Consultant, PwC

I learnt about: Management, Importance of planning/communication, Pre-engagement requirements, Understanding of process awareness

Priya Sawkare

Assistant Manager, PwC

I learn about planning, teamwork, project execution, real-time decision making which is required in achieving success in a project

Pulkit Vohra

Consultant, PwC

I learn about strategizing and prioritizing the approach along with having a clear objective in mind before starting any project

Aditya Jain

Senior Consultant, PwC

I leant about understanding the threat landscape and challenges in operations for Information Security governance. It was a good learning experience and would definitely want to do it again

Khushbu Desai

Senior Analyst, PwC

It was indeed a great interactive activity and provided a stimulated learning for implementing Information Security

Abhay Singh

Senior Consultant, PwC

I learn about: Proper planning before execution, Importance of communication, Monitoring activities at regular intervals

Anurag Kakkar

Consultant, PwC

It was a good workshop that enhanced my learning abilities and hopefully I will be able to put this in my corporate life

Aniruddha Malpani

Senior Analyst, Pwc

What I learnt is that strategy needs to be perfect. The industry runs on A B C – Attitude, Behaviour and Culture. Apart from that, communication and overall involvementis of utmost importance

Sajal Thomas

Consultant, Pwc

I learnt: Management of multiple parties, Steps that can be taken during a problem, Management Involvement

Rupesh Waidende

Consultant, Pwc

I learnt the importance of attitude, behavior and culture while addressing security concerns

Anjali Sejwal

Automotive Professional, Maruti Suzuki India Limited

I learnt how to work with a team. Being a fresher I got to know that blame game will happen and what I need to do is to stay focus and make the scenario more co-operative instead of defensive

Avneet Kaur

Senior Analyst, PwC

I learn the importance of knowing the roles and responsibilities of other teams in the project and proper communication with the business people before coming with a security plan

Vishal Verma

Associate, Aujas Network Pvt. Ltd.

I personally feel that this programme has really been helpful for me to improve my skills and knowledge about industry. My experience of 1 month during the “Industry Readiness Programme” was very interactive and interesting.

Tushar Mathur

Associate, Aujas Network Pvt. Ltd.

The sessions held were very interactive. Enormous opportunities were kept in front of us to reap learning out of them. Though I was not very satisfied with the VAPT session as it was not up to the standard, which all other sessions had set. But overall it was a good learning experience.

Swapnil Kadam

Associate, Aujas Network Pvt. Ltd.

I have always believed that a strong structure can only be built if the base in strong. SkillCube’s Training Program has made me to understand information security fundamentals deeply. The ISO 27001:2013 LI certification further enhanced my understanding about information security in terms of business enabler. I also learned industry application of information security that will be helpful for me when I will be consulting Aujas Networks Pvt. Ltd. in their security projects.

Swagatika Chand

Associate, Aujas Network Pvt. Ltd.

SkillCube’s Training Program has made me ready for my organization. All my doubts were cleared and my skills enhanced. Not only has my confidence risen but my knowledge has amplified too. It was a very good training program, be it clearing our concepts or making us understand how the tools work in the real security scenario. I am much obliged that I got an opportunity to train here.

Sagar Kumra

Associate, Aujas Network Pvt. Ltd.

Easy and fast learning is what I crave for and SkillCube’s Training Program made me learn in that exact way. The program was conducted in a brilliant and extravagant manner. The type of information which we reaped from this training was one of its kind. I really enjoyed the VAPT session as it debunked some of my myths.

Ruchita Upadhyay

Associate, Aujas Network Pvt. Ltd.

Time seems to have flown away when I think about my first day at SkillCube’s Training Program. I was a bit anxious when I first entered the class but all my anxiousness turned into excitement as the days passed. Project management and consulting session was the best of the lot. I recommend SkillCube’s Training Program to all other security students.

Ritesh Kapahi

Senior Director (Platform Engineering), Aruba Networks India Pvt. Ltd.

SkillCube differentiates itself from other skill development companies by providing programs to students that are not only relevant to industry requirements but are also imparted by domain experts from their respective areas. Their programs are innovatively designed and meticulously executed to ensure participants acquire knowledge and skills that go a long way in elevating their career aspirations to a whole new level.

Nishant Dua

Associate, Aujas Network Pvt. Ltd.

To get trained in SkillCube under Saurabh sir’s guidance was a very good experience. The content, material and all the other elements of SkillCube’s Training Program were excellent. All my expectations were fulfilled. I will urge all the aspiring security professionals to come and get trained in SkillCube as this training will definitely open wide skies for them to fly high.

Prabhakaran Mani

Assistant Manager, PwC

I learnt from the workshop that security cannot be achieved alone. Neither together. It can be achieved only in demand

Ahmar Masood

Circle IT Head, Bharti Infratel Ltd.

Their programs are highly flexible and power-packed in terms of benefits gained from it.

Aditya Mehra

Associate, Aujas Network Pvt. Ltd.

I have never experienced a class so interactive and fun. SkillCube’s Training Program covered all aspects which we needed to become an adroit security professional. Good management and good food added the icing to the cake. Overall, this was the best learning experience I ever had.

Manoj Kumar

Senior Consultant, PwC

I learnt that planning, team work and governance are the three pillars of any successful project

Ashish Gupta

Associate Consultant, Aujas Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Before coming to SkillCube, the industry flavor was something that was missing in my candidature. SkillCube does “out-of-the-box” skilling programme which is far more superior to the traditional methods of teaching.

Vishal Suryavanshi

Associate Consultant, Aujas Networks Pvt. Ltd.

The days spent at SkillCube Pvt. Ltd. were really worthwhile as all my concepts got sharpened. The quality of SkillCube’s Training Program was very good as I learnt about implementing the concepts of SOX, ITGC, VAPT, IDAM etc. Every concept was evaluated with relevance with our career. This made learning fun and easy at the same time. From the first day, the rains of knowledge poured heavily, making our minds even more fertile.

Kanu Priya Aggarwal

Consultant, PwC

I learn about the importance of overall work planning, security and ability to implement the same along with proper and relevant decision making

Sumit Kumar

Senior Executive, HCL

They have an interesting and healthy method to get through to individuals which makes them more inclined towards their respective organizations.

Fateh Yadav

Sr. Quality Auditor, Pinkerton

Their programmes are a nice and simple approach towards learning about people, process and management of products through a real-life scenario.

Prem Srivastava

Manager, HCL

The content of their programmes are very nicely crafted to cover every aspect of business and security.

Chetan Sharma

Sr. Manager, HCL

Their training programmes are very unique and different from their competitors as they have more of doing than just traditional learning which helps the individuals to apply their concepts.

Nitin Kumar

Associate Consultant, Aujas Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Their workshops are an excellent platform for testing our concepts in different aspects of the real-world.

Preethi Ramaswami

Consultant, PwC

I learnt that security design and implementation is a complex process and requires proper strategy, planning and people participation to be a success

Neha Kohli

Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young

The flavor that SkillCube induces have different perspectives to industry practices that comprises of all the pieces brought together under one umbrella.

Chetna Tyagi

Senior Analyst, PwC

I learnt about the importance of, Roles and responsibilities, Communication, Authenticity, Holistic approach, Keeping updated

Rajesh Purushothaman

Consultant, PwC

I learnt that there is a need to come out of the “silo approach” in thinking. Also it is important to analyze the situation before deciding the course of action

Nidhi Garg

Assistant Professor, MRU

Inculcated a wide range of knowledge about new technologies, and use of tools for resolving various issues related to security, networking, and hardware. The tools provided by IBM was useful for tracking real-time data and taking actionable decisions.

Dr. Shrutika Suri

Assistant Professor, MRU

The training session was very interactive. After completion of the training, I came to know various concepts of data security and network systems. The training session provides us both theoretical and practical knowledge on various emerging technologies.

Gunjan Chhabra

Assistant Professor, UPES

Course was very beneficial as Information Security awareness is a must in this era of digital world. It cleared basic concepts around Information Security

Dinesh K. Baghel

Assistant Professor, UPES

The session provided valuable knowledge about various industry practices

Dr. Inder Singh

Assistant Professor, UPES

Programmes conducted by SkillCube are well-organized and interactive. It not only discloses the various aspects of Information Security but also simplifies its concepts.

M. Venkatadri

Assistant Professor, UPES

They give enough exposure of technical and managerial implications associated to the subject matter.

Dr. Kingshuk Srivastava

Assistant Professor, UPES

SkillCube’s programmes are having the right flavor of real-life scenarios that endows insight to the students.

Dr. PSVS Sridhar

Assistant Professor, UPES

I feel that SkillCube has a wide variety of offerings that can complement the learning of the students.

P. Srikanth

Assistant Professor, UPES

Even while covering bland subjects, they make it very interesting and upbeat.

C.H. Prem Kumar

Assistant Professor, UPES

Through their training programmes, I have learnt and improved a lot as they made their concepts sufficiently loud and clear.

Jeetendra Bansal

Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya BHOPAL

It was a great experience to become a part of this program. My confidence level has increased and have different flavors of Information Security through guest lectures and sessions.

Ishan Jain

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

I would like this program to be mandated for every student who wants to make a career in this sector as it really makes a remarkable attempt towards “Bridging the Gap” between what is taught in universities and what exactly happens in the organization or what they expect

R. Prasun Kumar Naidu

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

SkillCube’s IRP made me confident enough to pursue Cyber Security as a career option and the unique pedagogy encouraged me enough to become part of their team

Vinamra Rai

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

Great place to acquire knowledge! • Methodology is very good! • Combination of Industrial exposure and practical knowledge! • Overall feedback- “Excellent”!!!

Gaurav Arora

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

The industrial experience that I got during SkillCube Industry Readiness Programme is on a level that I will not get anywhere else.

Mayank Tiwari

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

SkillCube Industry Readiness Programme made my overall personality grow and helped me in every possible manner to enhance my skills.

Ajay Pal

The University of Birmingham

Interactive sessions, unique skilling methodology and a friendly environment. SkillCube lives up to its name providing reals skills in multi-dimensional ways.

Hasan Raza Naqvi

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

SkillCube team put lots of efforts and runs the programme very professionally. The guest lectures were really good & informative. I got to know what the organizations really demand.

Pooja Barua

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

I found the SkillCube Industry Readiness Program very interactive throughout all 30 days. I also acquired practical knowledge from it. I really enjoyed this one month as it came with great industrial exposure and knowledge.

Bhumika Tuli

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

SkillCube Industry Readiness programme has provided the kind of experience that is definitely going to help me in the future. It has provided me the path and approach that now I can utilize my knowledge and skills in the best possible way.

Gaurav Khare

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

I am confident to deliver services in the Information Sector in a confident way. This 1 month journey gave me hands on experience of various fields in Information Security.

Divya Rai

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

The interactive sessions during the SkillCube Industry Readiness Programme used to be highly motivating and gave me immense knowledge. Time spend here was time spent well as the amount of exposure i got in the sessions was one of its kind.

Kritika Upadhyay

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

Industry Readiness Programme at SkillCube helped me to connect concepts with organizational needs. It has now enabled me to connect myself with the corporate world with the help of concepts and understanding.

Richmond Robert Chethalan

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

The change in my candidature with respect to the “Industry Readiness Programme” of SkillCube is more confidence to face industry with zero experience. Unlike traditional schooling system, SkillCube lives up to its name “Real Skills. Real Value”.

Ritu Agnihotri

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

The programme was mixture of new and hot topics which are still evolving, compliance requirements and industrial experts sharing their experiences etc. and lifted my knowledge and awareness in all the areas in the Information Security domain which ultimately lifted my confidence level.

Syed Mohd. Waqar Naqvi

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

The pedagogical methods of teaching and the problems which the people face while working with Information Security projects as discussed by the experts were the main attraction for the programme.

Faiz Mohd.

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

After becoming a part of SkillCube “Industry Readiness Programme”, I could see improvements in me regarding industry knowledge & experience. My confidence level has increased and have different flavors of Information Security through guest lectures and sessions.

Richa Meena

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

We were lacking behind in practical knowledge but this “Industry Readiness Programme” fulfils the requirement of InfoSec domain and bridges the gap between student and corporate sector.

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