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SkillCube is a young company with the aim on capacity building at all levels. We have always believed that a company can excel only if its employees work with passion and urge to do more. To escalate and perpetuate this urge and passion of our employees, we provide various activities to assist each individual to progress in their areas of interest. A sense of belonging is bestowed upon our employees as a professional and learning-driven work environment is provided. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should think to be in SkillCube.


We provide an open and friendly work environment to all our employees such that they don’t get bogged down or bored while working.


We always believe in investing on people. This provides a platform to the talented and entrepreneurial youth to increase their potential and self-worth.

Party animals

“All work and no fun make Johnny a dull boy”. We know how tiring it can be to only work and not have some fun. That’s the reason we organize team parties and outings.


Joining us would mean that your learning and experience will be enhanced. You will not only be working to make the company grow but you will grow mutually with the company.

I AM POSSIBLE work environment

Faith can move mountains and consistency can pave the rocks. At SkillCube, we believe that anything can be achieved through persistence, hard work and confidence.

Ladder of success

The only thing you need to have is a will to succeed and we will pave your path to success. You will be welcomed to a world full of knowledge and with endless possibilities.

Together at Skillcube


Team speaks

This company is like my own kin and I have seen it grow from a small seed to a fruit bearing tree. I have tried to curb the problems existing in the corporate world by keeping the work environment friendly and open.

Dhananjay Singh

SkillCube provided me the opportunity to interact with different clients in different field. I was able to meet different people which enhanced my experience. Every task given to me amazes me and makes me hungry for more.

Dinesh Singh

SkillCube gave me an opportunity to seek beyond the monotonous work that I had been experiencing while working in the corporate world. SkillCube gave me exposure to different fields which escalated my learning and experience.

Shruti Rana

I always had the desire to learn and to effectuate. SkillCube complimented my quick learning and grasping skills and made me believe that I can learn beyond the boundaries of prescribed job description.

R Prasun K Naidu

At first when I stepped foot in this company’s courtyard, I only had my unpolished skills and passion. But the time spent at SkillCube has made my skills to grow in stature. I have truly grown with the company.

Raghav Gupta

Being the youngest guy in SkillCube I never expected that I would be given the opportunity to manage different projects but project management responsibility was bestowed upon me. The type of appreciation which I got here was stupendous.

Krishan Kishore Singh

There are guys who’d try to put you down and then there are guys who’d support you in excelling to a whole new level. We are one of the latter. SkillCube provided me an environment where I learnt to create content, made it evolve and excel.

Shivshanker Sen Gupta

All my creativity and caliber demanded some channel that would make them to flow in the correct direction. This channel was provided to me by SkillCube. I was given all the freedom I wanted to design graphics which made my skills more competent and polished.

Sachin Yadav

I was confused about my future endeavors and career path when I joined SkillCube. As a fresher I had no ideas of the wheel on which corporates ride on, but SkillCube team has really made me ready now to excel in every situation.

Sabeer Alam

SkillCube has offered me platform to polish my skills, and the cooperative team and environment has helped me to learn and grow professionally. I take great pride in saying that I love to work for an organization that’s leading the future in Cyber Security domain.

Nitesh Saini
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